New Features/Improvements

Bug/Defect Fixes

  • Removed “Not Licensed for Runtime” from Havest Report image.
  • Specific users can now see the State and County displayed with each of their registered user on My Producers page.
  • Now able to save newly created fields.
  • 2023 was added to Crop Year table.
  • Harvest Details page is displaying colors and field borders on the map.
  • PFDs are rendering with correct fonts.
  • New file messaging when file has been processed.
  • New message reads: 
    • Completed: All imported CLU data has completed processing. if you have more data to process, you can import it now. Click Next when you're done


Site Developments

  • Now prompting user to enter Tax ID on File My Report page.
  • Removed “Got Shareholders” dropdown and modified page.
  • Fixed issue to allow other user roles that can submit
  • Fixed registration to save users TaxID
  • Fixed back-end processing for report clearing.