New Features/Improvements

  • AFS Connect can now be connected to reports to bring in data
  • Review My Fields page is now more mobile-responsive
  • Manage My Fields page now lists reported fields and unreported fields separately
  • Field data on Manage and Review My Fields page is now retrieved incrementally to avoid browser errors
  • Field labels on the Manage My Fields page are now spaced and aligned consistently

Bug/Defect Fixes

  • Fixes an issue preventing CompanyAdmin users from seeing company growers
  • Fixes issue with SSO preventing users from logging in with certain email addresses
  • Fixes an issue preventing preferences from applying automatically
  • Fixes an issue with some users unable to access their harvest reports

  • Fixes an issue with manually drawn fields being grouped when they shouldn't

  • Fixes an issue with the planted summary layer not being inserted

  • Fixes an issue with certain users not being able to see fields in reports created by the 1127 process

  • Fixes an issue where users had to manually refresh in order to see if data collection has completed

  • Fixes an issue with users having MyAgData admin abilities when they should not