The following Improvements have been made to our PROD Environment:

  • Users can now select non-crop fields for crop selection
  • There are now states available for minor and non-crops
  • Producers will now show up for an agent without logging out-back in (just a page refresh required)
  • Growers are no longer being duplicated when a name is changed on a P-file
  • A new endpoint was created to clear out growers
  • Users can now add single or multiple fields to a report by selecting a position on the map
  • Some users that were not seeing NAIP imagery in PDF reports should now be able to see it
  • Made an improvement to the generation of land files so subfields are not duplicated in the file. 


  • FieldPortal
    • Users now have the ability to split a planted field
    • Fixed FieldPortal login for existing agent users

    • Producers are now displaying for some users who got a "No Producers" message on login

    • The State and County dropdowns were corrected on the Registration page to line up properly

    • Users can now create harvest reports using precision ag data and manual calibration

    • Image in MyAgData Registration confirmation emails is now loading again


Reference Numbers: 

14821, 15585, 16018, 16149, 16212, 16213, 16254, 16259, 16262, 16373, 16375, 14358

14819, 15564, 16202, 16203, 16220, 16271, 16283, 16286, 16386