Demo Release Notes

Demo Release 05.18.2020
Restored missing cropping practice values for some crops (Grain Sorghum and Sugar Beets primarily-affected crops) (#12787) Added better error handling for...
Tue, 19 May, 2020 at 9:02 AM
Demo Release 05.15.2020
Added some missing cropping practices (Grain Sorghum/Sugar Beets/Soybeans among affected crops) (#15101)  Refined policy number filter for unit selection/...
Wed, 20 May, 2020 at 10:25 AM
Demo Release 05.11.2020
Fixed issue preventing units from being added to producer (#15101) 
Sat, 16 May, 2020 at 7:00 AM
Demo Release 05.08.2020
Fixed issue causing PDF summary page to use CLU acreage for prevent plant acres (#15146) 
Sat, 16 May, 2020 at 6:58 AM
Demo Release 04.30.2020
Made File Report and PDF summaries consistent (#14790) Added more information to CART import logs (#14077)
Sat, 16 May, 2020 at 7:17 AM
Demo Release 04.26.2020
Removed small fields from policy/unit listing on  PDF output for consistency (#13365) Fixed bug causing field attributes to reset after importing precisi...
Sat, 16 May, 2020 at 6:51 AM
Demo Release 04.15.2020
Setting planting practice "Prevent Plant" on a field now automatically removes the plant date from the field (#13168) Resolved share issues for ...
Thu, 16 Apr, 2020 at 10:12 PM
Demo Release 2020.01.31
Features/Improvements Modified unit matching logic to automatically select single unit match in all cases Moved status bar for CART loading on My Data p...
Thu, 2 Apr, 2020 at 4:13 PM
Demo Release 2020.01.30
Bug Fixes Harvest summary improvements Removed Tax Id prompt on harvest File Report page Removed Prevent Plant fields from harvest reports Fixed issue...
Thu, 2 Apr, 2020 at 4:13 PM
Demo Release 2020.01.24
New Features/Improvements Updated our FSA Data Available indicator to show "Yes" when CART data is staged and available to be load into a report...
Thu, 2 Apr, 2020 at 4:13 PM