New Features/Improvements

  • On the Planting Report PDF, acreage values for Precision Ag fields are now broken up by CLU to show users the acreage the field covers in each CLU

Bug/Defect Fixes

  • Fixes formatting issues with Planting Report PDF's
  • Fixes an issue where Planting Report PDF's were not being generated for non-AIP clients
  • Fixes an issue where users were prompted for a State and County despite the grower record already being sent
  • Fixes an issue where multiple grower preferences were being incorrectly saved for the same grower
  • Fixes an issue where boundary-drawn(digitized) fields were not being saved to reports
  • Fixes an issue where FSA Data sourced fields were being excluded from the Planting Report PDF
  • Fixes an issue where the state and county information was incorrect for boundary-drawn(digitized) fields